COVID-19 Guidelines


  • Mask compulsory for everyone entering the academy - No exceptions

  • Temperature will be checked at the entrance. Entry will be restricted if there is even slight hike in the reading

  • Members allowed to bring their equipment and personally marked shuttles

  • Members are expected to come dressed in proper sports attire, ready to play

  • Members must follow all social distancing protocols at the academy

  • Members must wash or sanitize hands before playing. Hand Sanitiser is available at the entrance. Wash sinks are fully stocked with soap and sanitizers

  • Maintain a 2m distance from other players at all times. The one exception is when playing doubles

  • In addition to routine facility cleaning, increased frequency of sanitation of commonly touched surfaces and shared equipment such as doorknobs, handrails, light switches, floors will be undertaken. Request members to cooperate with the cleaning staff

Madhav Badminton Academy is committed to creating a great experience for the players.

We appreciate your patience while we all navigate the “new normal” here at the academy.

We will continue to move forward with our members’ best interests in mind while abiding by the guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all of our members. The management will review and adjust policies as needed.